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What is black soap? African Black soap is made from a rich source of ingredients containing vitamins A, E, iron and natural enzymes.
African Black soap is generally made in Western Africa and has been used for centuries as a health aid. Liquid black soap is known for many benefits. It's often reported to relieve rashes, scalp irritations, acne, blemishes and other skin problems. It also softens rough and dry skin. Liquid black soap gives your face a deep cleansing, leaving it fresh and healthier. It's also reported to help with wrinkles and fine lines. It is highly recommended for sensitive skin oily skin eczema acne skin irritations psoriasis.
It's important when purchasing African Black soap make sure the soap is from Western Africa and not made in the United States or Europe. Soaps from these countries are mass produced and are not TRUE AFRICAN BLACK SOAP and probably have artificial ingredients added to them to give the dark coloring, such as dyes. 
Showering - squeeze a small quantity of soap from the bottle on your wash cloth and wash your body.
Bathing- mix a small quantity with your wash cloth in a bath.
Face- if you have pimples or rashes on your face or body, wet and rub the affected spot with a few drops of soap. Leave it overnight and in the morning, rinse it.
Functions: lathers more than regular soaps, clears pimples, rashes, eczema, fungus, ringworm, acne, and body odor and rejuvenates the skin.
Ingredients: palm flowers, palm kernels

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