Eternal Happiness Wand # EH007

$ 250

Congratulations on your Eternal Happiness Wand # EH007This is an ALL-PURPOSE Crystal Wand.   

      This magnificent tool is crafted to usher in a journey of Eternal Happiness.     Measuring 15 inches, this wand is a testament to the beauty and power of natural elements, thoughtfully combined for their synergistic healing properties. Listed below are the crystals that your wand is blessed with.

Amazonite: Brings soothing energy, promoting calmness and balancing emotions.

Selenite: Cleanses the aura and space, bringing clarity and tranquility.

Tiger Eye: Enhances confidence, strength, and courage.

Citrine: Attracts joy, abundance, and positivity.

Jasper: Grounds energy and provides a sense of stability.

Lapis Lazuli: Encourages self-awareness and spiritual enlightenment.

Pyrite: Foster's prosperity and protects against negative influences.

Rose Quartz: Opens the heart to love, compassion, and understanding.


Red Blood Sage: Included with the wand, red blood sage is revered for its potent cleansing properties. Burning this sage not only purifies the space but also infuses it with protective energy, creating a nurturing environment for happiness to flourish.

Palo Santo: This sacred wood complements the wand, enhancing its cleansing power and inviting peace and positivity into your life.

Copper Ankh: The custom-made copper ankh integrated into the wand amplifies its energy, drawing upon the ankh's symbolism of eternal life and harmony.

Cleansing and Activation: Cleanse your PJTRACLS07 wand by smudging it with the red blood sage or Palo Santo. As you do so, visualize any negative energy dissipating. To activate the wand, hold it under the moonlight, particularly during a new or full moon, and set your intentions for happiness and joy.

Affirmation: Embrace this affirmation as you connect with your wand: "I am surrounded by an abundance of joy, love, and positivity. Each crystal in this wand amplifies happiness in my life, guiding me toward a path of contentment and fulfillment. With this wand, I attract and radiate the pure essence of joy."


*The EH007 Eternal Happiness Wand is more than a healing tool; it’s a conduit for personal transformation and spiritual awakening, beautifully crafted to support you on your Eternal Happiness journey.

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