Eternal Abundance Crystal Wand #EA009

$ 150

Congratulations on your selection of Eternal Abundance                                      Crystal Wand #EA009

Embrace the essence of prosperity with our Eternal Abundance Crystal Wand, a powerful tool designed to attract wealth and tranquility into your life. Each element of this wand has been meticulously selected for its energy-enhancing properties:

Listed below are the crystals that your wand is adorned with 

  • Selenite: Known as the "liquid light," selenite brings clarity of mind, opens the crown chakra, and elevates your spirit. It’s believed to create a peaceful environment and to invite guardian angels into your space.
  • Citrine: The 'merchant's stone', citrine is famed for its ability to attract wealth, abundance, and success. It also encourages generosity and the sharing of good fortune.
  • Sancta Flower Sage: Sancta flower sage is revered for its sacred cleansing abilities. It purifies the aura, dispels negativity, and sets a foundation for growth and abundance.
  • Palo Santo: Hailed from sacred trees, Palo Santo is used for spiritual purification and energy cleansing. It helps clear your home and crystals of negative energy and welcomes positive thoughts and feelings.

This wand is an object of beauty and a powerful ally in your spiritual journey. Hold it during meditation or place it in your sacred space and repeat the affirmation:

Affirmation- "With this wand, I invite abundance and purity into my life. May the energies of prosperity flow to me as easily as the light through the selenite. I am open to the wealth of the universe."

Your journey with the Eternal Abundance Crystal Wand #EA009 begins now.

*All sales are final. Our crystal wands are crafted as tools for intention-setting and personal empowerment. Results are not guaranteed and depend on personal use and intention. Set your intentions clearly to align with the wand's potential.

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