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Introducing Crystal Wellness Wand #EW006   

    This masterful creation is designed to guide you toward Eternal Wellness.                   At 15 inches long, this wand is a healing tool and a work of art featuring                                        a harmonious blend of natural elements and energies.                                                                                   

Listed below are the crystals that your wand was blessed with.

Amazonite: This wand features Amazonite, known for its soothing and empowering energies. It encourages truth, courage, and self-discovery, helping you to communicate your thoughts and feelings more openly. Amazonite is believed to absorb electromagnetic pollution, making it ideal for modern living.

Selenite: Accompanied by the pure vibration of Selenite, this wand promotes mental clarity, serenity, and a deep sense of inner peace. It is a powerful stone for spiritual growth, meditation, and connecting with higher consciousness.

Chakra Sage: The included chakra sage is perfect for energy cleansing. When burned, it releases a fragrant smoke that purifies your space and the wand, restoring balance to your chakras and promoting harmony and well-being.

Palo Santo: A stick of Palo Santo, a sacred wood known for its cleansing and healing properties, is also part of this wand. It is revered for its ability to clear negative energy and bring in the positive.

Copper Ankh: The custom-made copper ankh attached to the wand adds a layer of ancient symbolism and energy conduction. The ankh represents eternal life and energy flow, enhancing the wand’s power.

Cleansing and Activation: To cleanse your ASCSP06 wand, gently pass it through the smoke of the chakra sage or Palo Santo, setting intentions for purification and renewal. For a deeper cleanse, please place it in the moonlight during a full moon.

Affirmation: While holding your wand, you may use this affirmation to set your intentions: "With clarity, peace, and sacred energy, I align myself with the universe’s endless flow. This wand is my ally in healing, guiding me toward spiritual growth and inner tranquility."

The ASCSP06 Healing Wand is more than a healing tool; it’s a conduit for personal transformation and spiritual awakening, beautifully crafted to support your wellness journey.

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